A birthday poem for my beautiful wife, Samantha

Happy birthday, Baby!

You have always wanted

a brand new and cute puppy.

So, here he is, just for you!

He’s free,

and he will not pee

in those places he shouldn’t,

like the cute puppies we

. . . already have!

I’ve been waiting on you

for six long years.

It gets awfully lonely,

on this side of the hill.

I’m so happy you are here

this day is all for you,

our two cats say hi,

you know, Grub and SU.

You are such a beautiful person,

not to mention, a lovely wife,

wonderful mother to our sons,

and everything else that passes for nice.

You’re an Aunt and a Sister,

a good friend to so many.

Thanks be to God

you really squeeze a penny.

You’re a vibrant artist

with talent to spare,

when you paint your canvas

there’s only love, no despair.

I’m so happy to be with you

here, in our Golden years,

hand in hand we can walk

straight through any fears.

So Happy Birthday, Baby,

this day is made to last.

Let’s slow down our life,

no need to walk so fast.

Our best years are out there

when from work we’ll be free,

we can see all those places

you just wait and see.

I love you so much

my little dear,

you can trust these words

for they are sincere.

Husband, Father, Writer, Future Retired Paper Mill Employee, Eco-Friendly — Peace-Loving — Pet Owner

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