A Tanaga

Photo by Joe deSousa on Unsplash

Let’s say you see birds today
Let’s say they are birds of prey
They look intimidating
Soaring a circular ring

But what else is there to say
What is it that makes them stay
Here where the prairie dog sings
And the wind powers their wings

They study land with…

Tranquility of mind

Photo by the author

I find myself here when I need to let it all go
The water seems to move like a satin sheet
It mimics the sky and plays tricks on the eye
There’s a calming nature like no other I’ll meet

The clouds are high in the distant sky
Looming, dooming, they…

A goddess and a mortal

Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash

Of all the Mythological figures
You may have played the key role
You made a name for yourself
Amongst the male heroes

You are a goddess and a mortal
Just a poor little nymph girl
Walking the line between realms
You have one foot in each world

All that work…

A poem

Photo by János Venczák on Unsplash

We don’t want everything
To happen all at once
We devised it for ourselves
This thing we call time.

Truly, we only think we devised it
Because it was already there
There’s really no way to explain it
Can’t put our finger on its cause.

It’s a constant…

Frank Larkin

Husband, Father, Writer, Future Retired Paper Mill Employee, Eco-Friendly — Peace-Loving — Pet Owner

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