Loving an Artist

Frank Larkin
3 min readFeb 9

An Abecedarian Poem

Photo by Catherine Kay Greenup on Unsplash

Artists, like my wife, are constantly trying to find and harness the
Beauty in life. Like a bird pecks the ocean-sculpted sand, she dives into her
Creative process to find this beauty. Like her commitment to children, her
Devotion to her craft seems to spring forth inherently from the
Earth itself. There is a brilliant bonding and the total support of her loving
Family that continues to strengthen her admirable aspirations of finally
Gaining acceptance as a respected and skilled creator of these visual arts.

Having married this young artist many years ago, it’s fate that brought my
Inclusion into a world I’d not known. Much like the beauty of a roadside
Jonquil, this intro to the world of art was unexpected: something I did not
Know how to appreciate, until my wife entered my life. Learning to
Love art was one of the greatest gifts I’d ever received.

Mother of my children; artist extraordinaire; still growing, still giving.

Night brings the darkness, but in her studio a light blazes atop an imagined
Obelisk. See it, if you will: an angular brush in her fingertips, lifted from a
Painting on a large, stretched canvas with a scene of royalty. A king with his
Queen beside him in all her majesty and beauty. A horse waits nearby, large
Ribbon in its delicately combed mane. A suggested castle on a hill behind.

Scenes like this and others may be imagined in a mind, but over steadfast
Time, she has honed this ocular craft and even now still forms certain
Unions between herself and different art venues: galleries found while on
Vacation; craft fairs, and the like. Things have blossomed over time for my
Wife, while selling several paintings, bringing a bright future into sight.
Xeroxed prints may soon sell well. I’m probably dreaming, hoping for a
Yacht? Oh the memories, many pieces of art, diverse like the animals in a
Zoo — simply, knowingly, far too many to count.

Frank Larkin

Husband, Father, Writer, Future Retired Paper Mill Employee, Eco-Friendly — Peace-Loving — Pet Owner