The Sea and The Sky

Alive together

Frank Larkin
Oct 25, 2021


photo by author

See and hear the gentle roar
The waves and the singing sand
Postulate on the grand design
Does it come from God’s own hand?

Earth still slowly turning
A sky that’s made of fire
A gentle breeze on the water
Fans the flame of desire

Families slowly walking
Their feet kissed by a wave
Silhouettes off in the distance
Blend in with the colorful rave

For a comparably short time
The sky is simply alive
So full of colors galore
Such a brief time to survive

Reflected gently on the sea
The colors coalesce in change
The waves help to move them
Rippling, breaking; a total rearrange

Photo by the author

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Frank Larkin

Husband, Father, Writer, Future Retired Paper Mill Employee, Eco-Friendly — Peace-Loving — Pet Owner